4 Cylinder Or 6 Cylinder, 8 Cylinder, Hybrid, Cadillac Northstar Kit, Small-capacity Diesel (10 gal and under), Medium-capacity Diesel (10-20 gal), Large-capacity Diesel (20 gal and over), Extra Strength Additive


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Our repair process is much different and faster than any other manufacturer. The steps are simple. (No need to remove the thermostat)

  1. Prepare the coolant system by flushing it out with plain water.
  2. Pour in the Thermalweld.
  3. Run the engine at 3,000 RPM’s for approximately 10 minutes. Usually, it takes less than 10 minutes to repair the head gasket.
  4. After the repair, the head gasket will be sealed but not fully cured. To fully cure the seal, drive normally at least 4 times in the 1st 3 days. The more the better.

Watch the videos below to see how fast it takes to repair a head gasket.

RETURNS: Must be sent within 30 days of Purchase, and must be in the original condition. Due to our free Shipping Policy, there is a 20% restocking free.

Watch how fast THERMALWELD repairs a head gasket by visiting our YouTube Channel!

Discover the Ultimate Head Gasket Sealer: Seal Leaks with Confidence

Welcome to Thermalweld, a trusted name in engine maintenance solutions. We specialize in creating products and solutions that enhance the performance, reliability, and longevity of your engine and all of its components.

Best Head Gasket Sealer on the Market

It is not easy to claim the best head gasket sealer on the market given the different engine types and their requirements. However, based on extensive in the field research, analysis from customer feedback and reviews, the Thermalweld blown head gasket repair is the best head gasket block sealer on the market. This formula has been designed work with all gasoline and diesel engines and is easy to use. It seals leaks and cracks quickly and efficiently, restoring the engine’s performance.

Thermalweld Head Gasket Repair

If you are looking for best engine head gasket sealer for your head gasket repair needs, look no further than the Thermalweld’s liquid head gasket repair. Our product is perfect for repairing a blown head gasket. It is specially formulated to seal head gasket leaks in the vehicle’s engine without the need for a mechanic, thereby saving you time and money. Our liquid head gasket repair solution comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, so you can try our product with confidence, and know you have purchased the best head gasket block sealer on the market.

Our head gasket sealer is easy to use and provides a hassle-free solution to head gasket repairs. Our product can fix leaks, warped or cracked head blown head gaskets and cylinder heads, with no need for any additional tools or equipment. This solution is ideal for car owners who want to keep their vehicles in top shape without visiting a mechanic and spending a lot of money.

Our Engine Head Gasket Sealer is not just a temporary fix. It forms a chemical bond with the metal, creating a permanent seal that is guaranteed to last as long as your engine. Unlike other sealer products that contain harmful solvents, our sealer is free of harmful chemicals.

You may be wondering how our Head Gasket Sealer works. Well, our product uses a unique combination of ceramic and graphite particles that fill in cracks and gaps within your head gasket. This innovative formula provides a permanent seal that is stronger than the original head gasket, providing you with a long-term solution to your engine troubles.

Moreover, our sealer comes with a guarantee of customer satisfaction. Our product has been tested in the most extreme conditions and has proved to be effective in solving engine issues. We are so confident in our product that we offer a complete money-back satisfaction guarantee in case our head gasket sealer doesn’t work or provide the desired outcome for your engine repair.

In addition to the high-quality chemicals used in our Head Gasket Sealer’s formulation, our product is easy to apply and can take only a few minutes to complete. The product is poured directly into your vehicle’s radiator, allowing it to circulate through your engine, finding cracks, and sealing them permanently. Since our solution works quickly, the downtime for your vehicle is limited to a minimum, and your engine up and running efficiently just in no time.

Finally, our Engine Head Gasket Sealer offers a cost-effective solution to an expensive problem. Our solution is hundreds of dollars less than traditional head gasket repair and is available at a fraction of the cost of engine replacement. By using our sealer, you can maintain your engine’s performance and extend its life span without breaking the bank.

In summary, if you are looking for an affordable, easy-to-use, and permanent solution to your engine troubles, look no further than Thermalweld’s Engine Head Gasket Seal. Our sealer will fix the problem without any harmful chemicals or expensive equipment, giving you peace of mind and saving you a lot of money in repairs. With our satisfaction guarantee, you can trust that our sealer is worth it and that you will benefit from a durable and long-lasting repair. Get in touch with us today and take one step closer to a well-maintained engine.

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4 Cylinder Or 6 Cylinder, 8 Cylinder, Hybrid, Cadillac Northstar Kit, Small-capacity Diesel (10 gal and under), Medium-capacity Diesel (10-20 gal), Large-capacity Diesel (20 gal and over), Extra Strength Additive


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