Use the Right Tool for the Job

Use the Right Tool for the Job

Use the Right Tool for the Job

Professional Head Gasket Repair Formula
Thermalweld Is the Best Repair Solution Available
Repairing Head Gaskets Since 1995

  • Thermalweld is the final result of years of lab work, field experimentation and real world experience.
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  • Often a head gasket only needs to be repaired, not completely replaced. If replacing a head gasket costs more than the value of the vehicle, then a chemical repair solution is the only option.
  • Thermalweld is a proprietary blend of microscopic reinforced aluminum silicate fiber, and lubricating graphite which expands and contracts with the head gasket itself.

Offering an Affordable Way To Repair Your Head Gasket

At Thermalweld, we sell a repair solution online and provide local, mobile repair services. Our product has been around for more than 27 years and has been rebranded as Thermagasket from 2004 to 2010 and another prominent manufacturer from 2011 to 2018.


Unparalleled Product Knowledge

We have provided technical support for both Thermagasket and Steel Seal. As experts in coolant system diagnostics, we can proudly say there is no better technical support for chemically repairing head gaskets in the world.

Why Chemical Repair Has Earned a Bad Reputation

Promises of a 99% success rate, money-back guarantees, available technical support, proprietary formulas, nanotechnology, pour and go, etc. have proven to be substantially bogus.

A prominent brand claims it mixes a custom formula for each specific vehicle due to the different operating temperatures. This is hype, as over 95% of all gas car & truck operating temperatures are between 190f to 210f. The same brand claims it is the only formula capable of repairing aluminum heads & blocks, not true. Thermalweld has repaired thousands of engines with aluminum heads and steel blocks, including Cadillac Northstar engines which have an aluminum block and aluminum heads!! Also their formula uses “polymers” a term that sounds very scientific but is only a catchy marketing phrase.

Many mechanics will say chemicals are just a temporary fix for a blown head gasket; a Band-Aid solution. It won’t last. It will clog up the cooling system and mess up the whole engine. This is NOT necessarily true, and definitely not true if done properly.

Tried another product that failed?


If you have tried a product that claims to use "polymers" or from any auto parts store, that has failed. We will send you a Thermalweld treatment for FREE!! You just pay $10 shipping. If it does not work, we will refund the shipping cost.

How it works: Text (805) 890-4293 or email to a copy of the purchase receipt. Please include a contact phone number. You will be contacted by Technical Support by phone for details of the failed repair, and given advice for a successful repair. No strings attached.

After repairing thousands of head gaskets in the field and on the phone, we’ve proven that no competitor’s tech support can match our experience.

We have encountered every solution available online and in auto parts stores. When a customer tries a different product and it fails, they call us, and ours works.


A Service-Based Repair System

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Thermalweld is the final result of years of lab work, field experimentation, and real-world experience. The below timeline will reflect its evolution.


The Effectiveness of Chemical Repair

Some head gaskets cannot be repaired if the damage is too severe. Click on this video link to see examples of Too Far Gone Head Gaskets **

The Timeline of the Evolution of Thermalweld


Thermalweld was invented by chemist Robert “Bob” Hooper.


Bob Hooper establishes a mobile head gasket repair service, which he branded Thermalweld, in his local area while learning how to diagnose coolant system issues.


RXAuto contracts with Thermalweld to provide product and technical support for its label Thermagasket. Under the said label, Mr. Hooper authorized, trained, and supported nearly 100 mobile technicians nationwide, many of which are operating to this day.


The relationship with RXAuto was severed by Mr. Hooper. In those years, nearly 20,000 vehicles were diagnosed over the phone and repaired with more than an 80% success rate. Sales reached over $70,000 per month.


Mr. Hooper entered into a relationship to provide technical support for Steel Seal Ltd, a chemical solution provider from the UK, selling the product over the internet as well as to various retailers in Europe.

Mr. Hooper provided third-party diagnostic analysis to help solve the failures that the Steel Seal formula created. During that time, Thermalweld was improved and relabeled as “Steel Seal Elite” and used to repair the Cadillac Northstar engine.

In addition, Robert invented a “bleeder apparatus” during this time. The treatment has been proven to be successful for Northstar’s unique head gasket problem. Without this apparatus, no other chemical alternative is effective.


Steel Seal Ltd developed some significant internal legal issues, a common occurrence in the industry, which required Robert to terminate the relationship. Steel Seal Elite was then rebranded back to Thermalweld.


Mr. Hooper’s Associate and Collaborator

Dave Whitmer has been working with Thermalweld since 2011, He has invented and patented a flushing system that dramatically reduces waste and the time it takes to flush a cooling system. Has been a significant contributor to the development of the current Thermalweld system. Working as an independent technician in the field, Dave has personally repaired over 1,000 vehicles. From 2014 - 2018 Dave also provided technical support for Steel Seal.


Our repair process is much different and faster than any other manufacturer. The steps are simple. (No need to remove the thermostat)

  1. Prepare the coolant system by flushing it out with plain water.
  2. Pour in the Thermalweld.
  3. Run the engine at 3,000 RPM’s for approximately 10 minutes. Usually, it takes less than 10 minutes to repair the head gasket. 
  4. After the repair, the head gasket will be sealed but not fully cured. To fully cure the seal, drive normally at least 4 times in the 1st 3 days. The more the better.

Click on the links to see how fast it takes to repair a head gasket.

2 Minute 20 Second Repair 1:27

1 Minute 7 Second Repair  1:20

Dodge Repair Under 3 Minutes 1:11

5 Minute Repair

By running the engine at high RPM’s, thin layers of the solution are passed through the hole in the head gasket. The thin layers eventually build up until the breach is completely sealed.

Custom Formulas That Address Specific Issues

Along with the flushing appliances referred to earlier, Dave and Robert developed custom formulas specific to two particular vehicles.

One has a thinner viscosity for hybrids, particularly the Prius, which use a delicate electric water pump, and the other is for diesel engines that address the high compression issue inherent in diesels.

All of these tools speak to the system approach. It is not just chemicals.

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Product and Service Success

We provide our services to repair shops, and car dealers across the country that have repaired thousands of vehicles with a success rate of over 95%. We can document these repairs with literally hundreds of videos and reviews from satisfied customers & shop owners.

Try Our Product

We look forward to reviewing this program with you. Please be advised that our website contains actual repair videos. Additionally, our trained technicians are ready to answer any questions via a toll-free call at all times. Call us!

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