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Thermalweld is the best head gasket repair solution. The final result of over 29 years of lab work, field experimentation, and real-world
experience. When it comes to repairing head gaskets, trust Thermalweld for a reliable head gasket repair.


Offering an Affordable Way To Repair Your Head Gasket

At Thermalweld, we specialize in providing the best head gasket repair solutions online. Whether you are a repair shop, car dealer, or an individual looking to repair your own head gasket, our product is designed to meet your needs. With extensive expertise in repairing head gaskets, Thermalweld is your trusted partner in engine repair. Since 2002, a A+ rating from The Better Business Bureau.


Use the Right Tool for the Job


Years of

Benefit from our years of experience in repairing head gaskets. Thermalweld is the  final result of over 29 years of lab work, field experimentation, and real world experience, insuring that our head gasket sealer is the most effective solution on the market.We take pride in offering the most experienced technical support staff in the industry.


Amazing Support Staff

We take pride in offering the most experienced technical support staff in the industry. Whether you have questions about head gasket repair, engine gaskets, or car engine gasket compatibility, our team is here to help.


50% OFF!*

If you have purchased another head gasket repair solution that has failed, don't worry.  We will send you a Thermalweld treatment for 50% OFF. Experience the difference with our head gasket repair solution.



As experts in leaking head gasket repair, our team offers unparalleled product knowledge and support. Trust Thermalweld for all of your head gasket sealing needs.


Thin Layer

When it comes to head gasket repair, Thermalweld utilizes advanced thin layer deposition technology to provide the fastest and most durable solution on the market. Don't settle for inferior engine block sealers - choose Thermalweld for reliable results.



Best Head Gasket
Sealer on the

Formulated to work with all gasoline, diesel, & hybrid engines. It seals leaks and cracks quickly and efficiently, restoring back the engine's previous performance. And it easy to use.


Advanced Thin Layer Deposition Technology

The Fastest, Most Durable Solution Available


Visit Our YouTube Channel

Watch our YouTube repair videos for “fix a blown head gasket”
tutorials and real-world examples. Learn how Thermalweld can help
you replace gaskets effectively and affordably.

Specially Formulated

Thermalweld is a proprietary blend of microscopic reinforced
aluminum silicate fiber and lubricating graphite, designed to fix a
blown head gasket quickly and efficiently. Trust in our best engine
block sealer for lasting results.

Product and Service Success

We provide our services to repair shops and car dealers across the
country, with a success rate of over 95%. Experience the difference
with Thermalweld head gasket leak repair solutions.

Customer Reviews

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Caller: (620) 264-0263
Extension: 5 – New Extension
Grasshopper #: (844) 796-7968
Timestamp: 10/27/2023 6:25:09 PM Eastern Daylight Time
“Hi this Mike, I thought this product was excellent. I think it save the longevity of my car, and it was very easy to use. And the technical support people were awesome, because I called and had a few questions that it basically talk me through the whole situation. I think I just saved my truck, so thank you and thank thermalweld and it definitely works if you do it right. Thank you.”

Mike Roberts

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Extension: 5 – Grasshopper #: (844) 796-7968 Timestamp: 8/4/2023 3:00:34 PM Eastern
Daylight Time
This is Peter. With IRC Construction, we bought the product about four years ago, and I got a Tundra that was blowing out white smoke,out of the back,and the truck has now over 300,000 miles. It’s still going strong. They wanted $5000 at the time to fix the engine, and for us, I think I paid  couple of hundred, I don’t remember. It’s been a while how much we paid for the product. It has been excellent so far. So we’ve definitely got our money’s worth out of a great product. My friend has a head gasket problem now so I looked to see how to order some more. Great technical support. Thank you.


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April 4 2023

Make: Cadillac
Model: DeVille
Year: 2002
After trying a product called Titian (that failed) I tried Thermalweld. Fixed my caddy nearly immediately with 208k on the clock.Foot to the floor and all the way a caddy is ment to be driven. Looking good and fast.

Darlene Sweigart

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Thermalweld?

Looking for the best head gasket sealer on the market? Need a reliable solution for repairing head gaskets? Look no further! We specialize in providing top-quality solutions to fix a blown head gasket permanently!!

With over 29 years of experience in repairing head gaskets, we offer unparalleled expertise and support for repairing head gaskets. Our head gasket sealer is formulated to work seamlessly with all gasoline and diesel engines (including hybrids), ensuring a quick and efficient head gasket repair.

Forget about inferior products that promise, but fail to deliver. Our head gasket sealer is trusted by repair shops and car dealers nationwide for its reliability and effectiveness.

Don't let a blown head gasket disrupt your driving experience or break the bank with expensive repairs. Choose the best blown head gasket repair solution today and experience the difference for yourself!