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Specially Formulated

Thermalweld is a proprietary blend of microscopic reinforced aluminum silicate fiber, and lubricating graphite which expands and contracts with the head gasket itself.

We provide our services to Do It Yourself Mechanics, repair shops, and car dealers across the country that have repaired thousands of vehicles with a success rate of over 95%. We can document these repairs with literally hundreds of videos and reviews from satisfied customers & shop owners.

A+ Better Business Bureau Rating

Repairing Head Gaskets Since 1995

Our head gasket repair solution has been repairing head gaskets for more than 29 years, and since 2002 a A+ rating from The Better Business Bureau.

Thermalweld was once rebranded as Thermagasket from 2004 to 2010 then rebranded as Steel Seal Elite from 2011 to 2018. Since 2020 an improved one-part formula has been developed. With the one-part formula, we grantee a permanent head gasket repair in under 10 minutes, or your money back. Thermalweld is the best head gasket repair solution available.


Amazing Support Staff

Product and Service Success

We offer the most experienced technical support staff in the world!! All staff have gained their experience in the field as mobile mechanics, specializing in chemical head gasket repair.

Often a head gasket only needs to be repaired, not completely replaced. if replacing a head gasket costs more than the value of the vehicle, a chemical repair is the only option.

Mr. Hooper’s Associate and Collaborator

Dave Whitmer has been working with Thermalweld since 2009, He has invented and patented a flushing system that dramatically reduces waste and the time it takes to flush a cooling system. Has been a significant contributor to the development of the current Thermalweld system. Working as an independent technician in the field, Dave has personally repaired over 1,000 vehicles. From 2015 - 2018 Dave also provided technical support for Steel Seal.


The Timeline of the Evolution of Thermalweld


Thermalweld was invented by chemist Robert “Bob” Hooper.


Bob Hooper establishes a mobile head gasket repair service, which he branded Thermalweld. During  that time he learned how to chemically repair head gaskets and diagnose coolant system issues.


RXAuto contracts with Thermalweld to provide product and technical support for its label Thermagasket. Under the said label, Mr. Hooper authorized, trained, and supported mobile technicians and repair shop machanics nationwide, many of which are operating to this day.


The relationship with RXAuto was severed by Mr. Hooper. In those years, nearly 20,000 vehicles were diagnosed over the phone and repaired with more than an 95% success rate. Sales reached over $70,000 per month.


Mr. Hooper entered into a relationship to provide technical support for Steel Seal Ltd, a chemical solution provider from the UK, selling the product over the internet as well as to various retailers in Europe.

Mr. Hooper provided third-party diagnostic analysis to help solve the failures that the Steel Seal formula created. During that time, Thermalweld was relabeled as “Steel Seal Elite” and was sent out as a re-treatment if the original Steel Seal formula failed.

A Cadillac Northstar Division was established, and “Steel Seal Elite” was used exclusively to repair the head gasket in the Northstar engine. In addition, Robert invented a “bleeder apparatus”. The treatment and assembly has been proven to be successful for Northstar’s unique head gasket problem. Without this apparatus, no other chemical head gasket repair alternative is effective.


After 6 years as a Mobile Mechanic specializing in chemical head gasket repair, Dave Whitmer joined the Steel Seal technical support staff.


Steel Seal Ltd developed some significant internal legal issues, a common occurrence in the industry, which required Robert to terminate the relationship. Steel Seal Elite was then rebranded back to Thermalweld.