Custom Formulas For Hybrid and Diesel

Thermalweld has developed custom formulas specific to two particular vehicles.

One has a thinner viscosity for hybrids, particularly the Prius, which use a delicate electric water pump, and the other is for diesel engines that address the higher compression and lower operating temperatures inherent in diesel engines.

All of these tools speak to the system approach. It is not just chemicals.


Best Head Gasket Sealer for Diesel Engines

Diesel engines require a particular sealant due to the higher compression and lower operating temperature compared to the gasoline engine. Thermalweld Head Gasket Sealer is widely known as the best head gasket sealer for diesel engines. The formula comes from a blend of materials such as, graphite and micro fibers. The Thermalweld Head Gasket gasket repair solution is guaranteed not to clog any passages or negatively affect the cooling system.

Thermalweld Head Gasket Repair

If you are looking for best engine head gasket sealer for your head gasket repair needs, look no further than the Thermalweld Head Gasket Repair. Our product is perfect for repairing a blown head gasket. It is specially formulated to seal leaks in the vehicle’s engine without the need for a mechanic, thereby saving you time and money. Our Thermalweld Head Gasket Repair comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, so you can try our product with confidence, and know you have purchased the best head gasket block sealer.

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