There are 3 levels of blown head gaskets:

  1. Moderate Damage: easy to start, loss of some coolant, slight white smoke  or vapor (steam) coming out of the tailpipe, possibly running a little rough, the check engine light comes on sometimes - misfire code. Chance of a permanent repair - 99%.
  2. Badly Damaged: hard to start, loss of coolant, lots of white smoke coming out of the tailpipe, running rough, some coolant coming out of the tail pipe, check engine light - misfire code. Chance of a permanent repair - 90% to 95%. Call for a free evaluation and advice.
  3. Severely Damaged: very hard to start, excessive white smoke, lots of coolant pouring out of the tail pipe.                                                                  If coolant is pouring out of the tailpipe, a chemical repair is not recommended.

The difference between a badly damaged head gasket, and a severely damaged head gasket is determined by how much coolant is coming out of the tailpipe. If coolant is pouring out of the tail pipe the head gasket is Too Far Gone.

Some head gaskets cannot be repaired if the damage is too severe.

If there is excessive white smoke coming out of the tail pipe, without excessive coolant pouring out of the tailpipe it is possible the Extra Strength Additive combined with the Thermalweld solution will repair it.

Thermalweld’s Extra Strength Additive has been developed to aid in the repair of badly damaged head gaskets. The repair process is the same for all Gasoline engines. The additive is mixed with the Thermalweld solution and poured directly into the coolant system. If coolant is pouring out of the exhaust pipe, the head gasket is too severely damaged to repair.

Tried another product that failed?

If you have purchased another head gasket repair solution online or in an auto parts store that has failed within the last 30 days. We will send you a Thermalweld treatment for 50% OFF. (plus $10 shipping).

A Cadillac Northstar Kit is priced at $175.

The standard money back / lifetime warranty is included.

How it works: Text (805) 890-4293 or email to a copy of the purchase receipt. Please include a contact phone number. You will be contacted by Technical Support by phone for details of the failed repair, and given advice for a successful repair.

After repairing thousands of head gaskets in the field and over the phone, we’ve proven that no competitor’s tech support can match our experience.

We want your feedback (good or bad). After the repair process, please post the results on the Review page OR call 844 796-7968 Ex. 5 and leave an voice review.

Why do we make this offer? To prove that Thermalweld is the best head gasket repair solution available. We also want reviews to show that Thermalweld is superior to all other products.

Why Chemical Repair Has Earned a Bad Reputation

Promises of a 99% success rate, money-back guarantees, experienced technical support, proprietary formulas, nanotechnology, pour and go, only one capable of repairing aluminum heads etc. these claims have proven to be substantially bogus.

A prominent brand claims it mixes a custom formula for each specific vehicle due to the different operating temperatures. This is hype, as over 95% of all gas car & truck’s operating temperatures are between 190f to 210f. Also their formulas uses “polymers” or “flexepoxy” – terms that sound very scientific but are only catchy marketing phrases.

Any company that claims that there is no sodium silicate (water glass) in their formula is not telling the truth. It may not be the main ingredient, but there is some in the formula.

Some mechanics will say, it’s just temporary – a Band-Aid – it won’t last – it will clog up the cooling system and mess up the whole engine. This is NOT TRUE, and definitely not true if done properly.

In the field we have encountered every solution available online and in auto parts stores. When a customer tries a different product and it fails, they call us, ours works.

We supply hundreds of repair shops all over the United States who believe this the best head gasket sealer on the market. Call or e-mail for referrals in your area.