Frequently Asked Questions

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Tried another product that failed?

If you have purchased another head gasket repair solution online or in an auto parts store that has failed. We will send you a Thermalweld treatment for 50% OFF. (plus $10 shipping). A Cadillac Northstar Kit is priced at $175. The standard money back / lifetime warranty is included.

How it works: Text (805) 890-4293 or email to a copy of the purchase receipt. Please include a contact phone number. You will be contacted by Technical Support by phone for details of the failed repair, and given advice for a successful repair. After repairing thousands of head gaskets in the field and over the phone, we’ve proven that no competitor’s tech support can match our experience.

Who should use Thermalweld?

B. A user has a big diesel engine, and the cost for a head gasket replacement could be as high as $7,000.

C. A user with an exotic vehicle such as a Jaguar, Aston Martin, Audi, Mercedes, or Porsche. The cost to replace a head gasket is off the charts.

D. A user that has tried an inferior head gasket repair solution and failed. Many times, Thermalweld has repaired a head gasket after a different product was tried and failed.

What makes the Thermalweld superior to all other products?

What makes Thermalweld technical support superior to all other companies?

Is flushing the coolant system necessary?

Other companies say that their solution will mix with antifreeze.

Will Thermalweld clog up the coolant system?

Is it necessary to remove the thermostat during the repair?

Will Thermalweld work with aluminum heads?

Will Thermalweld repair diesel engines?

How a water pump works.

How radiator caps work.

How cooling fans work.

How a thermostat works.

Overflow / Recovery Tanks.

External leaks

Catalytic Converters

Take care of the radiator, avoid a blown headgasket.

How to avoid a blown head gasket.

Trapped air in the cooling system.