This is great stuff!

I looked around and could not find anyone to fix our '92 Dodge Grand Caravan For less then $900.00. Some shops wanted as much as $1300.00. I was told that the head had to be milled and maybe the block needed to be welded. I was given the doomsday scenario.

Then I saw an ad in the classified section of the local flea market paper for a product that repairs blown head gaskets without tearing down the engine! I was very skeptical. I talked to one of your technician and he explained the process to me. I had to play 60 questions. He had an intelligent answer for every one of my questions. He told me "No fixy, no pay." I still was not convinced so I looked up the product and its inventor on the web and was very impressed, especilly the 90-day guarantee!

I am very impressed with the results. During the repair I watched the tailpipe and to my amazement the steam stopped coming out in about ten minutes. I will tell anybody that I know about your product.

Thanks Thermalweld.

Beverly I. Pate-McIntyre
Contra Costa County

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