Head Gasket Facts

Head gasket failure

Blown head gaskets are classified as major engine damage and are one of the most expensive repairs you’ll ever encounter, frequently exceeding the value of car. Unless you can find an affordable repair option this will probably be the last leg of the journey in your car’s life.

Engine overheating is the number one cause of head gasket failures, according to Mobil Oil. The cylinder head and engine block expands beyond acceptable limits while overheating. This is a problem that primarily affects older cars with aging cooling systems. The replacement costs for head gaskets and cylinder heads can easily exceed the value of the car.



Make sure you have a blown head gasket BEFORE trying to repair it. If you are informed that you have a head gasket issue, ask the mechanic did they perform a block test, or a compression test. These two methods will conclusively tell if you have a blown head gasket. You can perform a block test yourself. Most auto part stores have a tool loaner program. Borrow a block tester, and go to youtube. Search block test, it is a fairly easy & cheap way to prove or disprove if you have a blown head gasket.

Typical sequence of events

  • You have an older vehicle which overheated recently and a mechanic tells you that you have a blown head gasket.
  • The repair estimate could be up to $2000, which is so high it’s not even an option.
  • You check with other mechanics and find similar quotes.
  • You search the Internet for alternate solutions and find that a chemical repair is your only affordable option.

Now your only question is, which one is the best?


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Head Gasket Repair