1. Who should use Steel Seal Elite?
    A. Anyone who cannot afford the expense of a head gasket replacement or if the vehicle is not worth investing $900 to $1,500.
    B. User has a big Diesel engine, and the cost for a head gasket replacement could be as high as $7,000.
    C. user with an exotic vehicle such as a Jaguar, Aston Martin, Audi, Mercedes, or Porsche. The cost to replace a head gasket is off the charts.
    D. A user that has tried a different head gasket repair solution and failed. Many times a Steel Seal Technician has repaired a head gasket after a different product was tried and failed.
  2. What makes the Steel Seal Elite superior to all other products?
    SSE is a non-clogging proprietary blend of compounds and microscopic fibers forming interlocking bonded layers. Steel Seal Elite expands and contracts, to permanently seal the cracks and imperfections in blown head gaskets, cracked heads, warped heads, intake gaskets, and cracked blocks.
  3. What makes Steel Seal Elite technical support superior to all other companies?
    * All technical support staff has personally repaired hundreds of head gaskets in the field. Call any other company and ask a simple question:
    “How many head gaskets has your support staff personally repaired?”
    * We will answer the phone or call back in a timely manner.
    * Having repaired most makes and models, we are coolant system experts.
  4. Is flushing the coolant system necessary?
    Yes, Steel Seal Elite does not mix with anti-freeze. Most effective sealers do not mix with antifreeze.
  5. Other companies say that their solution will mix with antifreeze.
    If you read the fine print, most companies also say that it is best to flush out the coolant system if the antifreeze is old or dirty, sounds like double talk. Logic says to get a permanent seal on anything, it is best to start with a clean surface.
  6. Will Steel Seal Elite clog up the coolant system?
    If the instructions are followed Steel Seal Elite will not clog up anything in the coolant system including the radiator, heater core, or engine passages.
    Simply put: If the coolant system is flushed properly, clogging will not be an issue.
  7. Is it necessary to remove the thermostat during the repair?
    Removing the thermostat is not necessary BUT, with the thermostat removed it is much faster and easier to flush the coolant system. Another way to flush the coolant system is the “flush & fill” method. Go to youtube.com – search words: flush & fill.
  8. Will Steel Seal Elite work with aluminum heads?
    Steel Seal Elite will repair all metal types – aluminum, steel, & cast iron, or any configuration such as an aluminum head with steel or cast iron blocks. Do not believe any company that claims otherwise. The Cadillac Northstar engine is all aluminum. The Steel Seal Elite method has repaired thousands of Northstar head gaskets since 2007.
  9. Will Steel Seal Elite repair diesel engines?
    Diesel engines have higher compression than gas engines. A high compression mixture is available to repair diesel engines.Call Technical Support for details. 1 844 796-7968