The online shopping store of Steel Seal advises that the Steel Seal solution works efficiently to remedy a cracked engine block and head, warped head and a blown head gasket. Motorists everywhere are invited to try the Steel Seal blown head gasket solution to save time and money. For those who have difficulty believing that the Steel Seal will cure a blown head gasket, they should corroborate the efficiency of the product with a professional to be found on Steel Seal’s “Find a Professional Installer” tool on the website. There are more than 500 professional repair shops in all fifty states of the country that offer Steel Seal installation. Steel Seal has selected the best repair shops for the installer list from thousands of professionals who have used the Steel Seal product as a solution for the repair of a blown head gasket. Steel Seal provides a lifetime guarantee on the solution – the finest guarantee in the industry.

The Steel Seal product is easy-to-use with the Pour and Go 3-step system and vehicle owners will be able to be up and running in less than an hour. If motorists prefer to have the blown head gasket Steel Solution done for them, they should contact one of the recommended repair shops on the professional installer list at Steel Seal. Steel Seal, the cost-effective solution for a blown head gasket, permanently seals head gaskets, warped heads and cracked engine blocks and heads by creating a permanent seal that will sturdily withstand high temperatures and high pressures. The Steel Seal can be used in both gasoline and diesel engines and it is compatible will all brands of antifreeze products. The Steel Seal blown head gasket solution should be poured into the radiator of a cold engine. Once the vehicle engine is started and reaches operating temperature, the Steel Seal product is distributed throughout the engine. The Steel Seal is drawn into the damaged area and seals the crack with a thermo-chemical bonding process. Steel Seal’s blown head gasket sealant solution is a unique blend of several chemicals, and it is a clear formula that contains no fibrous materials or particles that could clog engine coolant passages.

The Steel Steal does not rely on floating particles to do the repair work. Steel Seal relies on chemistry for its strength and dependability. Regardless of the value of a vehicle, owners now have a practical solution, backed by the best guarantee in the industry. In a fraction of the time and cost of a major engine repair, drivers can benefit from this technological breakthrough. Steel Seal recommends that drivers should carefully read the entire sheet of instructions before using the blown head gasket solution. If the radiator or overflow tank is too full, antifreeze should be drained off to allow the blown head gasket sealing solution to be poured in. Stant Lev-R-Vent radiator caps can be used during the procedure to relieve pressure. Leave the Steel Seal in the vehicle’s system and drive the vehicle as usual.