If you have ever had the misfortune to be cruising down the highway only to see white smoke pouring out of your car’sexhaust pipe, you know what it means to have to deal with a blown head gasket. Replacement used to be the only option available to car owners and could be very expensive especially if you were driving a car with a very complex engine. Today there are alternatives but they have been a long time coming and are the result of many failures. Most of us never see the signs that our car is giving out that could have saved us from having to deal with a head gasket replacement. There are several products on the market that could help seal up the little pinhole leaks that barely cause your temperature gauge to rise. Sometimes too you might notice a little water in your oil but only if you check it regularly, these are signs that something is not right and you should investigate before you have to deal with a major repair bill. If you do have to have a head gasket replacement done on your car, the mechanic will have to completely disassemble the top half of your engine.

Steel seal - Head Gasket Replacement

This means you are likely to be without your car for a few days or more depending on the availability of parts and the amount of time the mechanic has to undertake this major project. If you had caught the problem earlier you could have used a head gasket sealer that would have stopped the leak from growing into a major problem and could have saved yourself a lot of time and money. The question that most people ask their mechanic is, “is there really a chemical sealer on the market that could have prevented my head gasket from blowing out?” For many years the answer would most likely have been no, as most of the chemicals being sold would only work in some cases and when the leak was very minor. It also depended on where the head gasket was leaking. The best cure for many years has always been head gasket replacement.

Only in the last few years has enough research been done to create a treatment that did not rely on fibers or metal particles to “fill” the hole and try to seal it, avoiding the need for head gasket replacement. The problem with most of these other chemicals is that unless the hole was very small and in the perfect spot they did not work well or in many cases did not work at all. Modern technology and science have teamed up to create a head gasket sealer that is capable of sealing not only small leaks, but completely blown head gaskets saving your from the aggravation and cost of head gasket replacement. Steel Seal is the first sealer that does not rely on fibers or particles to seal the leak, instead it uses a patented chemical process to permanently seal the leak and the results are guaranteed for as long as you own the vehicle.